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Republic Bank Careers

-Katie Archbold, Lending Photo

Our values, service culture, entrepreneurial work environment, and pay-for-performance philosophy make working at First Republic a unique experience.


“Being a part of a company that is so driven in building positive relationships and wonderful service is something I am proud to put my name next to.”

-Katie Archbold, Lending

-Mackenzie Lino, Field Services Photo“I love working at First Republic Bank because I can see the passion and sincerity in the people I work with. I appreciate the fact that hard work and an eagerness to help out do not go unnoticed here.”

-Mackenzie Lino, Field Services

“I love working at First Republic because we are given the privilege to do everything in our power to help our clients. We have a flat organizational structure which allows all team members to work closely with one another.”

-Tony Nguyen, Preferred Banking Office Management

First Republic was built for people who truly enjoy providing extraordinary service to clients externally and internally.

We believe that the most effective work environment is one characterized by creativity, innovation, strategic thinking and seamless teamwork.

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Where First republic bank?

Republic First Bank, 50 South 16th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19102. Ph 1-888-875-BANK

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