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Standard Chartered Bank Careers

Standard Chartered is looking for top talent and good people in China, but why should you choose us over other companies? Because of our commitment to people.

Our goal is to improve the bank's performance through developing our people, recognising their contribution and rewarding their success.

This is about you and your future career aspirations. It is about your learning and how this grows your experience, skills and abilities. We are committed to enabling you to realise your full potential. After all, if you grow, we grow. Learn more about Standard Chartered, and how you can grow.

To succeed in business today, we must build strong relationships with our customers, but it is also our relationships with our own people that make us a world-class bank. We give you our commitment that we are here to stay and to share our success with you.

Whether it is salary and compensation benefits, training or happiness, we recognise how important it is that you are fulfilled financially and emotionally. That's why the opportunities you have in Standard Chartered will always be bundled with Training, Leadership and Incentive Programs - to award you with utmost fulfilment.

Check out your career opportunities with Standard Chartered China, and join us today.

Please post us your resume at the following address:

Human Resources, China
18th Floor, Standard Chartered Tower,

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Is Standard Chartered Bank Good Organization to start Career?

I just want to know is Standard Chartered Bank good company to
start career. I know its multinational bank. Am currently MBA fresher.
I have job offer from Ford Motors also. I dont mind about the salary.
What i need is good career and good firm to start.
Please suggest me which shall i choose Standard Chartered or Ford Motors

Are you serious? Then why ask here. If you really want these jobs, and you have a computers, computer you will have done your research on-line.
That took less than 5 minutes......

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