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Public Service Careers

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AGED 25 and armed with a master's degree in water management, Andrew Reeves has the very mix of youth and green-mindedness that many governments claim to need. Yet when he attended a Canadian government job fair in Toronto this autumn, he left after 20 minutes without handing out a single résumé.

He queued in front of a booth for the Canadian natural-resources ministry, only to be told that information on openings was best found on the ministry's website. “I'd have preferred to do the whole thing by e-mail, ” he grumbles. Such was his frustration that he settled instead for a small non-profit group specialised in recycling.

At a time when many administrations in the rich world face a looming talent shortage, because a huge cohort of civil servants is about to retire, anyone would think that governments would be trying harder, and in cleverer ways, to scoop up bright students now leaving college.

It is not simply a matter of replacing one set of mandarins with another: in an age when most policy issues (from climate change to migration) cut across ministries and state boundaries, the civil servants of tomorrow will have to be lateral thinkers, not pen-pushers. And for better or worse, the outcome of the global recession will be closer regulation of the world's economic and financial systems, for years to come.

Especially in the English-speaking world, governments say they are trying hard to bring some private-sector pizzazz to all aspects of public administration, including recruitment. Among the legacies of Tony Blair's term as prime minister of Britain is the idea that the “services delivered” by government can be monitored almost as precisely as a firm's profits.

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Surge in Student Debt Forgiveness  — Wall Street Journal
But in the meantime, the publicity campaign continues.

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And with 500,000-plus elected officials in the United States, many of whom launch their public-service careers in local office, verifying their backgrounds should be an easy first step.

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“Given that more than 60 percent of AmeriCorps alums go into public service careers, it's important they know about options that can help them reduce their student debt,” said Spencer. “Our nation needs more public servants, and the effort we are ..

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