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Stanford Career Services

The Career Development Center has a new emphasis on building connections among different members of the Stanford community. (SAM GIRVIN/The Stanford Daily)“The title ‘Vision 2020’ is a reference to us envisioning the next generation of career services in higher education and envisioning the state of career services at Stanford in the year 2020, ” Dey explained.

Traditionally, University career counselors have focused on helping students craft their resumes and perfect their interview skills. Dey said that while the CDC will continue to offer these important services, the realities of today’s job market following the 2008 economic recession means that the CDC has to expand its offerings.

The new model will emphasize building connections between all stakeholders — including students, parents, faculty and employers — beginning early in a student’s Stanford career and continuing beyond graduation.

CDC counselors have been holding regular meetups to allow students to discuss different aspects of their career development and preparation. (ZETONG LI/The Stanford Daily)“We’re moving into a world where things are hyperconnected…and in order to get the next opportunity you need to be connecting with other people in order to find that, ” said Subhan Ali M.S. ’09 Ph.D. ’14, a member of the steering committee. “People who leverage their network are the people who are going to get ahead professionally in the new world of career services.”

In order to facilitate these connections, the CDC staff has been reorganized so that counselors are assigned to specific academic departments. Based on his or her educational stage or declared major, each student now has a certain counselor prepared to provide guidance.

Dey said that he recognizes that visiting career counseling services can be overwhelming for undergraduates, so he has been encouraging more regular interaction between CDC staff and students.

“I don’t want us to be someone that you only schedule an appointment with when you have a crisis or when you really, really need help, ” Dey said. “Career development and professional development must be part of the fabric of the student experience from day one until you graduate and beyond.”

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