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Trinity College Career Services

This year, there have been many changes to Trinity College. One of the many changes includes a name change to the Career Services Offices, now called The Career Development Center. The name of the office has changed to reflect the duties and services of the offices. “We are excited about this new name because it more truly reflects the work Career Development does every day on behalf of our students and young alumni, ” said Mary Jo Keating, secretary of the College and Vice President for College Relations.

The reason for the name change was because the Career Development staff did not think that their name reflected the actions of the office properly. “The name change is significant. ‘Career Services’ connotes activity that is transactional in nature, and one-dimensional as well. In fact, Career Development staff see their role with students as a partnership, where they listen, guide, and inspire students along their respective journeys, and facilitate their entry into the world outside of Trinity. The Career Development Center has reorganized its staffing to better serve students and work more closely with employers and alumni, and they have expanded the array of tools they can offer students in their journey of self-discovery, ” said Keating.

The new office is now not only committed to placing Trinity College students at strong internships, but also preparing rising graduates for the job market. “Every student has unique talents, passions, and goals, and our Career Development staff are here to help uncover these and to equip students with the tools and confidence they need to successfully bring their talents to market, ” said Keating. The Career Development Office has also made a push towards greatly helping not only current college students, but also fostering relationships between Trinity students and successful alumni. “The new name also speaks directly to the important developmental process that our students and young alums go through during their time here on campus and after they have transitioned to the world of work. This development is a critical part of the liberal arts experience at Trinity, ” said Keating.

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