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UW-Madison Career Services

Judith StrandAdult Career and Special Student Services (ACSSS) is your gateway to the vast resources of UW-Madison. We serve more than 10, 000 people each year, offering comprehensive assistance for returning adult degree students, career assessment, help with career transitions, and outreach to employers. We are also the admissions, advising, and academic dean’s office for 4, 500 University Special students. Individual appointments and workshops on campus, drop-in sessions off-campus, and public programs allow us to reach you and meet your individual needs.

Meet our staff

Judith Strand, associate dean and director, advocates for adult students and prospective learners, raises funds to support scholarships and grants, collaborates with UW System partners serving adult learners, and acts as liaison with other campus offices and directors.

Don CreedyDon Creedy, student status examiner, handles incoming admissions, phone, walk-in and email inquiries, and processes applications for admission. He also provides workshop preparation and office support.

Josh Juedes, student services coordinator, oversees the VISP sponsored groups program, connecting with UW faculty and departments interested in bringing cohorts of students to UW-Madison for short term study, admitting and advising incoming international students, and planning orientations and events.

Moira G. Kelley, senior career and educational counselor, assists community adults in career transition, both individually and in workshops. She coordinates all office publications and serves as liaison to Marketing and Communication staff. Moira also admits and advises University Special students.

Josh JuedesApril McHugh, career and educational counselor, provides individual career counseling for community adults in career transition. She facilitates career planning workshops and the weekly Job Search Support Group. Her focus is primarily on career and educational options to help adults attain their goals. April also supervises counseling practicum students and admits and advises University Special students.

Mary Mercier, senior student services coordinator, advises returning adult students who are interested in pursuing course work as University Special students or who are exploring degree options at UW-Madison. Mary coordinates the scholarship program for returning adult students and single parent students.

Moira Kelley April McHugh Mary Mercier Ellen Morin

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