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Dirk Nowitzki Career Stats

DALLAS - Dirk Nowitzki has been working on a sky hook in shot doctor Holger Geschwindners lab for more than a decade.Its a shot all-time scoring leader Kareem Abdul-Jabbar made famous and fired effectively into his forties.

DALLAS - The Dallas Mavericks havent officially named a starting point guard, but Jameer Nelson wearing white during the first practice of training camp provides a pretty good hint at the direction theyre leaning.

DALLAS - Dirk Nowitzki has occasionally half-joked that his German blood makes him a pessimist by nature.But theres nothing but positivity flowing through the big Germans veins as the Dallas Mavericks open training camp.

DALLAS - Chandler Parsons wants to prove he can be a perennial All-Star, the type of player who is worth every penny of a three-year, $46 million contract.

Rockets general manager Daryl Morey responded to Mavericks owner Mark Cuban's latest swipes against him, saying in a published interview that if the money's equal, free agents will always pick Houston over Dallas.

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DALLAS - Dirk Nowitzki's scoring average dipped under 20 points per game once in the last 14 seasons, and that was when he underwent knee surgery in October, missed two months and ended up looking like a mountain man as the Dallas Mavericks chased a .

DALLAS - The Dallas Mavericks starting lineup is loaded with scorers, but ... Im going to make them defend, Tyson Chandler said, interrupting in the middle of the sentence.

Dirk Nowitzki's latest summer project has been speeding up his shot release.

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The premiere of a documentary on Dirk Nowitzki drew teammates, ex-teammates, coaches and more all the way to Germany.

about 16 days ago | Marc Stein | ESPN.com

A benefit concert for former ESPNDallas.com Texas Rangers beat writer Richard Durrett will take place Monday at Billy Bobs Texas in Fort Worth.Durrett passed away June 17.

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Dirk Nowitzki scores his 26,000 career point!
Dirk Nowitzki reaches 26, points in career (VIDEO)
Dirk Nowitzki reaches 26,000 points in career (VIDEO)
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Dirk Nowitzki - Best Career Moments
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Dirk Nowitzki Career Mix 2014 [HD]
Dirk Nowitzki
Dirk Nowitzki

Popular Q&A

What is your honest opinion of Dirk Nowitzkis career?

In some ways I feel he's overrated, in some respects I feel he's underrated. He atoned his legacy after losing to 8th seed warriors in 2007. Early in Dallas when he had Nash, Finnely, and Juan Howard there must've been something wrong with the Chemistry on that team or Nelson wasnt coaching them up. They were huge underachievers to have a roster that talented.
It's hard to draw comparisons between Dirk and other fowards. Kind of like I think Karl Malone was a better Foward than Charles Barkley I felt Barkley was a better basketball player than Malone.
One player can be better at a p…

one of the main reasons he has a ring is quite frankly because Lechoke handed it to him on a silver platter. He pretty much made it impossible for Dallas to lose the series.
i still think hes a ring worthy player though.

Give me larry bird and dirk nowitzkis' career stats please.

Larry Joe Bird career stats: G- 897, FG %.496, 3PFG% .376, FT% .886, Rebs 8,974, RPG 10.0, Asts 5,695, APG 6.3, Stls 1,556, Blks 755, pts 21,791, PPG 24.3.

What are the career stats for dirk nowitzki?

Dirk Nowitzki has played in 758 games, started 734, fgp% is 0.471, 3p% is 0.379, ft% is 0.870, off is 1.3, def is 7.3, MORE!

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