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BMW Financial Services Careers

I leased a BMW, which I turned in in Nov. 2013. Dealer inspected car, said it was in great shape, no charges for wear/tear/dings/dents/whatever. I went on my way.

More than a month later, I received a "NOTICE OF EXCESS WEAR AND TEAR" from BMWFS via certified mail. Yes - certified mail, not the e-mail that BMWFS had been using to correspond with me for ages. The main reason you do anything via certified mail is if you are trying to create a record, and that's pretty clearly what their motive was here. Now, ask yourself: why would they need to create a record? Because what they were trying to charge me for is BS, they know it, they have gotten resistance to it in the past, and they know to expect it. The "NOTICE" advised that they wanted me to pay them a $350 (plus tax) "disposition fee, " which the letter claims is in the contract (though it does not find the time to cite the relevant provision amidst the pages of boilerplate nonsense).

Within a week after receiving this "notice of excess wear and tear, " the phone calls started. Three, four, five a day - every day of the week, and holidays. When you answer the call, there's not a human being - it's a pre-recorded message. When you try to speak to a human being, you get dumped into phone system, hold music hell. And the calls will continue. Like you owe money to the mob, or the local pawn shop. (I did ultimately get a person on the phone, twice. The first at least got them to stop calling me; the second, who called to follow up on my satisfaction survey responses, was INCREDIBLY condescending and rude, and only increased my fury at BMW and BMWFS.)

As one other commenter on here has put it, "the worst customer service I have ever seen." It's truly appalling and obnoxious. I thought my dealings with BMW were over when I turned in a clean car at lease end in great condition. The dealer even said he thought he had a buyer lined up for it. Obviously not. This review is the first of several steps I am taking, including filing complaints with the CFPB and FTC for abusive, harassing, obnoxious debt collection practices. At this point, it's not about the money, which is not that much - it's about the principle. And that principle is that companies that treat their customers like sh*t should be harassed back to the maximum extent possible. Otherwise they'll keep doing it.

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What Is the number to bmw financial services?

To speak with a BMW representative, please use the toll-free telephone number 1-800-578-5000. away!

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