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Atlanta Medical Center Careers

Despite the near unanimous support for Progressivism within the Black Community with the Black support for Obama as the means of channeling "Progressive Public Policy" into power - THE TRUTH ON THE STREETS OF "BLACK AMERICA" can be more readily seen in Southwest Atlanta.


Southwest Atlanta Medical Center sits on the border of abundant "Black Wealth" (in the Cascade Heights area) and extreme Black Poverty - along "Rev Joseph E Boone Blvd", "MLK Blvd" and the area in between.

The truth about the fate of the SW Atlanta Medical Center is that the WEALTHY BLACKS refused to use their PRIVATE HEALTH INSURANCE at a "Ghetto Hospital" as they instead drove down to:

  • Piedmont Hospital
  • Crawford Long (now Emory Hospital Midtown)
  • Children s Hospital
  • Northside Hospital

With "OBAMACARE" up for public debate - the WEALTHY BLACK PROGRESSIVES who's actions lead to the closing of their community hospital are allowed to PERPETRATE as if they CARE ABOUT "THE LEAST OF THESE".

As with most progressives - they stand behind the RIGHT WING "EXTREME" POSITION - joining in to throw rocks at them - when, in truth THEIR ANTICS mimic the economic views of "The Right". The well off Black Progressives in Cascade Heights that use the CLASS DISTINCTIONS within the Black community should be best understood as "BLACK FLIGHT PROGRESSIVES WHO HAVE NOT MOVED AWAY, INTO A WHITE CONSERVATIVE COUNTY"

They have remained within the "Black Community" in a nominal basis. They just make sure to not allow the buffer between they and "The Least Of These" to erode. They have property values to consider.

TO BE CLEAR - I AM NOT "HATING ON THE WEALTHY BLACKS" for being wealthy. They are doing just as any other human being would do in their position.

My indictment against them is that they FRONT as if they are not who they are.

So, once again - just as the "Black Flight Progressive" (who has moved) hides his true self by remaining within the ideological fold - so too is the "Black Flight Progressive Who Has Not Moved Away" a species that need to be put under inspection to discover his true character.

I stated before how the "Thought Leadership" of the Black Progressive is misleading the Black Community.

Recall when leftwing economist Robert Reich had "hard left" Black talk show host Tavis Smiley eating out of his hands as he was telling him all that was necessary to stoke his leftist consciousness.

Dr Reich said that Health Care Cost Control would be most effectively achieved by CUTTING MEDIAL REIMBURSEMENTS paid to PRIVATE HEALTH CARE CONCERNS - as they were (functionally) gouging the system by PROVIDING CARE SERVICES and billing heavily for them.

What most people who think TRANSACTIONALLY can't see is that these two LEFTISTS are agreeable in TAKING MONEY AWAY FROM "CORPORATE CAPITALISTIC SOURCES" - just as the right wing is prone to punish "Government Run SCHOOLS" (for example) by taking away funding and supporting "school choice" - including private schools.

Tavis Smiley could not bring himself to see that SW Atlanta Medical Center became INSOLVENT by the very two forces that I have described above:
  1. Black people WITH A CHOICE - per their COMPANY PAID HEALTH CARE INSURANCE - "flew to QUALITY" as they drove past their community hospital and provided their insurance to other high quality facilities.
  2. The remaining poor people who HAD LITTLE ECONOMIC MOBILITY filled SW Atlanta Medical Center (SWAMC) loading up its balance sheet with MEDICAID REIMBURSEMENTS

Tavis Smiley was not able to connect the dots.



You say that "Obamacare will FIX THAT!!"

You are not thinking straight.

Obamacare gave people INSURANCE and INCREASED ACCESS. This means that MORE PEOPLE will flow through the hospital door, WITH INSURANCE, that will increasingly pay at the "Government Rate".

To be clear and fair - YES there will be more people paying into the insurance pool, thereby slightly relieving the debt pressure upon the government and the health care industry in general. The fact is, however, if the DEMAND for health care services increases because the previous "Economic Rationing" that dissuaded the retention of care increases exponentially - the increased flow of "real money" (from the hands of the consumer) and "debt money" (from the hands of the federal government - won't be able to achieve balance.

CENTRALLY PLANNED RATIONING OF CARE is the only, inevitable outcome.

The so-called "Austerity Cuts" that are happening in Europe is merely the DULL SCALPLE used during an economic emergency after decades of refusing to make managed cost controls in a CENTRALLY RUN HEALTH CARE SYSTEM by which "Social Justice Populism" supersedes SOUND FISCAL GOVERNANCE.


Timmey was an aspiring "Marine Biologist" who was headed back to school to pursue his dream.

Timmey was murdered just off of Cascade Road" in Southwest Atlanta - the part where the "Wealthy Blacks" live.
This is a gated Black community just off of Cascade Road on Danforth Road. The gate is a sufficient deterrent to the Street Pirates
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Popular Q&A

What is the number to the Atlanta VA Medical Center?

Atlanta VA Medical Center, 1670 Clairmont Rd, Decatur, GA 30033. Phone: 404-321-6111. Hours: 8:00am - 4:30pm daily.

How do u get to atlanta medical center from bremen ga

NW toward Hamilton Ave. Continue straight onto Hamilton Ave. Turn right onto Bryan St E. Take the 1st right onto Georgia Ave N. Take the 2nd left onto -MORE?

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