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University of Arizona Careers

az-ccrs-logo-longAfter four years of development, Arizona’s College & Career Ready Standards are ready for full implementation throughout the state in the 2014-2015 school year. For educators, this shift offers a unique opportunity to reflect not only on what they teach, but also on how they teach.

Over the next four weeks, the Arizona Commission on the Arts will be presenting a pair of exclusive blog series designed to explore the potential for arts integration within these new standards and to inspire the creativity of Arizona’s educators.

First, Lynn Tuttle, the Arizona Department of Education’s Director of Arts Education, will discuss the challenges and opportunities the new standards present to arts educators in a three-part series entitled “Connections and Collaborations”.

Arts EducationOn Tuesday, June 17th, we’ll shift the focus to Math and English Language Arts educators with a five-part series by Paul Fisher of Arts Integration Solutions.

New entries will posted to the azarts417 blog every Tuesday and Thursday through July 1st.

Connections and Collaborations: Introduction

Arts EducationArizona’s College and Career Ready Standards (AzCCR) were adopted by the Arizona State Board of Education in June, 2010. Arizona, along with 45 others states, engaged in a multi-year, multi-state partnership to create these standards (Common Core), and then reviewed and adapted them for use in Arizona. The AzCCR standards are for English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics, replacing our prior state standards in these areas.

Why did Arizona and other states desire to change their ELA and Math standards? The answer is really quite simple – to help our students be more successful in their lives and to make the United States more globally competitive. Remember that these standards were written during the height of the Great Recession, and the country as a whole was deeply concerned about our ability to compete internationally for jobs. Along with fears of being left behind, we had data showing that our students are falling behind, with almost 60% of community college freshmen needing remedial coursework prior to engaging in college-level work. These standards were designed to meet the challenge of making our graduating high school students ready to enter college, university or the workplace successfully.

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