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University of Michigan Career Center

ImageHere at truApp, we’re always trying to find the people who can help us, help you. This week – we sat down and found a little bit of insight from someone who helps students just like you, every day.

we spend a lot of time working with students to help you identify and enter career paths that support your passions and take advantage of your skills. We use a framework called iPlan to help you think about three important components that build toward a fulfilling career, focusing on much more than simply writing and perfecting your resume. By attending to the three components of the iPlan framework — your story, your community, and your presentation — you’ll enter the internship or job search as a more confident and well-prepared applicant. Here’s a few ways that truApp can be used to help facilitate that process:

Your story

It’s hard to know what to look for in a career if you haven’t taken some time to reflect on what you actually want, and it’s not always clear how well you qualify for a position if you don’t understand what you bring to the table as a candidate. Careful consideration of your skills, interests, and background — your story — is an important step to take when you start to think about your job search.

1. With every piece of work you add, you’re asked to fill in “My Story, ” thinking not only about a bulleted list of tasks, but about the meaning behind the work as well. Good stories require an introduction, a climax, and a resolution, and telling a story about your work is no different. In truApp (and in interviews!) be sure to provide enough contextual information for someone to understand why the work was important in the first place, and conclude with some info on the results of your efforts.

Image2. Viewing your profile as the sum of both your work and your skills can help you form a clearer narrative of your overall career story. Maybe you’ll notice that a skill or set of skills that you previously ignored is displayed prominently on your profile, because it was used in most of your projects. Or you’ll realize that you have a penchant for organizational change after writing about it a few different times as you describe the ‘story’ for each of your projects.

Your community

Your time spent as a student is a weird period of limbo where you have some knowledge of your future career field, but not quite enough to start filling in those “years of experience” requirements on job postings. The only way to get that experience is by joining the community surrounding your industry or interest area. Start by viewing the conversation, then join the conversation, and ultimately start participating in the actual work being done.

Connecting with others who share your interests is an important part of being a professional, so you might as well start early. Head to the ‘People’ section of truApp, and search for other users by things like skills or degree. Take a look at their work for ideas and inspiration, see how they’ve described the skills you both share, or connect with them directly to talk about collaborating on something new!

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